Hot, Cool, Ours


This is our world winter games

The Olympics is a time of unity in the name of competitive sportsmanship. Unity. Sportsmanship. Doesn’t seem to be bringing out the best in Americans. I would be less embarrassed of a beautifully flawed 5th ring and a few unlaid bricks or electrical problems than I currently am in our gross effort to critique and mock the effort put forth by the PEOPLE of Sochi. Quit it. My children thought the opening ceremonies was extraordinary. My children are excited about the games and the cultures and the languages and the PEOPLE yet I feel a great need to say to America; GROW UP. Quit your fun-making and “I’m bored” whining and culture-maligning and show some unity. Yes: communism has its issues. But give those people living under that repressive government a couple of weeks to be proud of themselves. That’s sportsmanship.


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