Supreme Court’s Decision Shifts Costs on Behalf of Hobby Lobby

Photo on 11-24-13 at 1.26 PMI love babies. I believe in God. I also agree somewhat that one should be prepared to accept or not accept the ethics of their workplace. But focusing on that today is like burning an ant with a magnifying glass to remove an anthill.

What concerns me, among many people, is the precedent the Hobby Lobby decision sets. Unemployment is at an all-time high, as are health care expenses. Childbirth is one of the most costly undertakings of our health care system. Most unplanned or unwanted pregnancies, statistics show, are paid for by the state in which it occurs. Studies show women are more likely to succeed with their birth control if they have options. Do we really want families limited in their employment opportunities by their desire to maintain sexual intimacy without giving birth? That’s the trend the Supreme Court engaged with this decision; women limited in their job searches by their desire to use birth control (specifically; the most reliable type and quite possibly all types).

Considering most of the people these corporations employ are paid minimum wage, these families will lean on federally qualified health care clinics for birth control because the Feds do not make these health care decisions ON BEHALF of families. The Feds and state governments have generally left these decisions to individuals and families. Abstinence is actually the most ineffective method of birth control available because it often fails 😉 as does natural family planning. God’s will or not, the having of many babies is expensive. We have to think, do we really believe corporations should be able to shift health care costs to the state and federal government because of their religious beliefs?


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