White Work

White people, we are capable of accepting the invitation this moment has given us. If we find ways to make our actions match our beliefs this time around, the country will be far better off, and so will we.” -Betsy Hodges

It is hard to see the resistance in 1) ourselves, and perhaps even harder in 2) people we trust, 3) friends, 4) co-workers, and 5) those with beliefs we share. We are not “progressive” unless we are listening with humility, doing hard work, inviting discomfort, insisting upon change.

Learning more and more about privilege has helped me to understand better who to lean into, who to lean on and who to just ignore. I’m a better ally for it, and better yet, it makes me more brave, hungry and humble in anti-racist work.

For those of you I’m leaning on, thank you. For those I’m leaning on who identify as QBIPOC, thank you even more. I humbly recognize your emotional labor and the toll my leaning and learning adds to your load. My gratitude is not enough. I am optimistic our work will be.

Please remember to apply for your absentee ballot today!

New York Times, As Mayor of Minneapolis, I Saw How White Liberals Block Change, Betsy Hodges


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